Get a Brand New Smile in Just One Visit to an Orlando Oral Surgeon

November 26th, 2014 by

all-on-All on 4 Teeth ReplacementThe options available to patients today to replace failing and missing teeth can be overwhelming. But if one were to ask older friends and relatives, they would be quick to tell you “Back in my day, our only options were removable dentures and partial dentures.” [...] Read More

Technology to Optimize Dental Implant Treatment at Winter Park Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

November 5th, 2014 by

Dental implants have become the standard of care to replace missing teeth.  They have stood the test of time, and through that time the materials and techniques have evolved, providing patients with ideal solutions to replacing missing and failing teeth. [...] Read More

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Helps the Healing Process

October 1st, 2014 by

platelet rich plasmaPlatelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy was originally developed and researched for oral surgery procedures more than 20 years ago.   It was so effective, that its use has been widened and is now being commonly used in Cosmetic Surgery/Plastic Surgery procedures, in Orthopedic Surgery, and by several other medical specialties. [...] Read More

Reasons Your Dentist May Want You to See an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

September 17th, 2014 by

dentist referring patient to oral surgeonFor most individuals, treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is usually their first encounter with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Most people associate oral surgeons with wisdom teeth, however, oral surgeons provide a broad spectrum of surgical services in the head and neck for both dental-related and medical-related conditions. [...] Read More

Correcting a Gummy Smile with Jaw Surgery

September 10th, 2014 by

Are you embarrassed to laugh and smile because too much gum tissue shows? Excessive gingival display, commonly known as a gummy smile, can stem from a number of causes. [...] Read More

How In-Office CT Scanning & Advanced Imaging Helps With Dental Implant

August 6th, 2014 by

Before this technology was available in specialists’ offices, the oral surgeon would have to rely on 2-D traditional dental X-rays and hand-made surgical guides which could not provide as much vital information or surgical accuracy that can be achieved today. [...] Read More

Methods of Stabilization After Orthognathic/Corrective Jaw Surgery

July 30th, 2014 by

Before After Orthognathic SurgeryOrthognathic/corrective jaw surgery can dramatically improve your oral functioning and change your appearance for the better. However, jaw surgery is not a minor procedure and usually requires at several weeks of recovery time with very strict rules about diet and activity. [...] Read More

Anesthesia for Oral Surgery: Calming Your Anxieties

July 23rd, 2014 by

IV BagThe best way to conquer these fears and anxieties is to learn as much as you can about the procedure from reliable sources (like your dentist or oral surgeon…not random videos and non-credible internet sources). [...] Read More

Facial Surgery to Repair a Broken Nose

July 16th, 2014 by

Facial Surgery for a Broken NoseSome fractures can be left alone to heal on their own, others may need to be realigned manually in order to heal, and others require definitive surgery. [...] Read More

Using Cone Beam CT Scan In Preparation For Complex Wisdom Tooth Removal

June 18th, 2014 by

What is the Difference between a Panorex and a Cone Beam CT Scan?

Traditionally, oral surgeons remove impacted wisdom teeth guided by a special type of x-ray known as a Panorex (or Orthopantomogram).  With this x-ray the oral surgeon is able to visualize the entire upper and lower jaw, teeth, roots, developing teeth (including wisdom teeth), and other structures such as the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw and the inferior alveolar nerve as it courses through the lower jaw. [...] Read More